Big Data and Analytics Training

We provide customized use case based training with live projects to gain real experience in Big Data, Hadoop, Analytics and NoSql. Please contact us for further inquiry on course content and pricing.

Open Source Labs

We provide clusters on cloud as PAYG (Pay As You Go) that would help you to gain real life experience in hundreds of projects in our online lab!

Please call us for further inquiry!

Insurance and Location Analytics

We provide cloud based Insurance Analytics and Location analytics apps and solution based on Big Data, Analytics and machine learning. Look out for our product in Azure market place.

Insurance Analytics

The Insurance industry which is based on risks is now under risks from frauds and revenue slippage. Our product provides 360 degree view of policy holders with social media data integration along with data from your policy systems. Our integrated data lake provides insights into claims analytics, policy holders and fraud detection with integration of catastrophic and accident data. Please visit us at Azure market place.

Location Analytics

Our location analytics products provide telematics and location sensitive marketing opportunities to boost your business hundred fold! Please visit us at Azure market place

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